venerdì 14 aprile 2017

진심으로 감사

!With Deep Gratitude To Our Korean Sisters And Brothers And Relatives!

Andrea M, Hyunjin has invited you to connect on the ePals Global Community! View their profile and accept the request to build your educator network on the ePals Global Community.

I'd like to add you to my network on the ePals Global Community. 

Hello, My name is Hyunjin Moon, a teacher at UNESCO Global Peace Village in Korea. 
We have been working on a culture exchange project, which I was wondering if you are interested in doing with us. 
It's basically exchanging a box full of things that represent culture. Every week, we have between 60-100 Korean students aged 11-13 who visit us for five days. Here they learn about peace, the environment, world culture and heritage. 

One of the main activities of the week is making a 'Culture Box'. In this Culture Box, we aim to teach our partner school about Korean culture by including different objects that symbolize what it means to be 'Korean'. Some of the things that we send are student-made posters, puzzles, fans, traditional games such as 'Jaegi' and 'Yut Nori', traditional crafts, and anything else that we can think of. We also like learning about our partner school's culture by playing games, and will send pictures (and maybe videos) of our students playing them. 

We are entirely open for other ways to exchange cultures, and have been involved in Skype conversations, student-specific profiles and many other things in the past. 

I should note that we are unable to sustain email conversations though, as our students only see us for one week. 

If you would like to receive a Korean 'Culture Box', and send a box containing your country's culture in return, then please message me!  


venerdì 24 marzo 2017

From Educator Rosa P.
Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics, Glendale, Arizona, USA.

"Here is a pic of our classroom on a quiet Friday.  
The other three students were in another part of the room. At least you can see what part of our room looks like!"

venerdì 3 marzo 2017

* * * Introducing The Year 2 Team Of Educators Of San Filippo I.P.S. * * * 

* * * Introducing The Grade 2 Section B Students ° Courtesy Of Art Teacher Roberta Pellegrini And The Pupils * * * 

* * * Introducing The Grade 2 Section A Students ° Courtesy Of Art Teacher Roberta Pellegrini And The Pupils * * * 

sabato 11 febbraio 2017

Erasmus Plus eTwinning Project PenPals For A Year: Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Italy.

Our Gratitude To Educator Andrea Pražákova, Základní Škola Kolín III, Lipanská 420, Czech Republic.