giovedì 4 settembre 2014

An Australian School Principal from New South Wales Visits Città di Castello and San Filippo I.P.S.

It Was a Great Pleasure and a Great Honour for us to Welcome our Dearest Colleague and Friend Stephen Broomfield and His Wife Lynette.
They Spent 4 Days (18-21 August 2014), in our Town before Continuing Their European Journey. They Visited San Filippo I.P.S. and Met our Director Massimo Belardinelli, the Auxiliary and Secretarial Staff, the Educators Antonio Palazzotti and Andrea Mennella.

Mr. Palazzotti and Mr. Mennella Were Welcomed with an exquisite Kindness by Mr. Broomfield and Guided through Sydney during Their first Visit to Australia (February 2010).

Stephen has Been Serving as Principal at Gerogery Public School – New South Wales, Australia since 2005. Our Collaboration Started during the 2009/2010 School Year in the frame of the International 'Country Fair' Project, Coordinated by Educator Tod Kellaher (Converse Middle School, Palmer, Massachusetts, USA) and by Mrs Ilse Shwartz, a Journalist living in Hamburg, Germany.

With our Sincere Gratitude to Stephen and Lynette. See You Soon!

An epals Letter from Gerogery, S.Y. 2009/2010
My name is Tallani. I am 11 years old,
How old are you? I am in grade 6.
What grade are you in? I have brown hair but I dyed it blonde, I have light olive coloured eyes, I have freckles across my nose.
What do you look like?
I love music, I really like Lady Ga Ga, Taylor Swift and David Guetta.
My favourite animal is a tiger,
What is your favourite animal? My favourite colours are red and purple
What is your favourite colour? My favourite subject is sport. Our school
has 19 students, we have one class room, one library, we have a sport shed that’s where we keep all of our sport equipment and sand pit toys.

We have lots of trees around our playground. We have a sand pit, monkey bars, a slide, a slippery dip pole, wobble walks, we have a wooden fort, a cricket net and a climbing wall but we use it for a football goal, we also have 2 basketball hoops. I play tennis on the weekend and football at school. The capital of Australia is Canberra. I live in Gerogery. From Tallani

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