martedì 9 dicembre 2014

Onze oprechte dank aan St. Lambertus Basis School, Asten, Noord Brabant, Nederland voor de mooie kaarten die ze naar ons verstuurd.

In particular, Year 4 A and Year 4 B Classes of San Filippo Are Involved in some eTwinning Friendship and Cooperation Activities with the Groep 4 and the Groep 7 of the Dutch School.

Our special Gratitude to Educator Bart Munnecom Who Is Coordinating this Exchange and Visited San Filippo I.P.S. in the Year 2009/2010, to the Principal and Staff and the Whole Community of St. Lambertus for This Precious Educational Opportunity and Allowing Us to Practice and Enjoy the European Citizenship.

Groeten uit

Adele Duchi, Patrizia Stramonio, Michela Chiasserini, Marinella Graziano, Tiziana Fiorucci, Marco Bonatti, the Pupils and the Parents.


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